CDOT 8.3 selective lunmapping

Selective lun mapping is a new iscsi feature in cdot 8.3. Selective lun mapping
results in that only the two nodes in the HA-pair that hosts the LUN map the
lun as 'reporting-nodes'. This is to reduce the number of paths visible to
clients in large environments.

To list the reporting nodes.

This example is from the 8.3 simulator. There is no shared storage so
SFO is not possible. Hence only one node can report.

cdot83::qos> lun mapping show -vserver iscsi -fields reporting-nodes
vserver path igroup reporting-nodes
------- ------------------------------------------------ ------ ---------------
iscsi /vol/lun_17042015_182136_vol/lun_17042015_182136 i cdot83-02

When a volume moves from one HA-Pair to another, you should -remove-reporting-no
des and -add-reporting-nodes.

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