clustermode default namemapping where explicit fails

cifs options modify -vserver vs2 -default-unix-user pcuser
cifs options show -vserver vs2

Move to diagnostic administrative mode.
set diag
Warning: These diagnostic commands are for use by NetApp personnel
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

Verify the results of the name mapping.
*> diag secd name-mapping show -node netappu-01 -vserver vs2
-direction win-unix -name netapp\administrator
netapp\administrator maps to root
*> diag secd name-mapping show -node netappu-01 -vserver vs2
-direction win-unix -name netapp\fred
netapp\fred maps to pcuser
Verify that your CIFS server is set up properly.
*> diag secd auth login-cifs -node netappu-01 -vserver vs2
-user administrator
(diag secd authentication login-cifs)
Enter the password: netapp80

If the user credentials are not displayed, use event log show to review the last event and
isolate errors by verifying the following:
1. Name-mapping setup
2. Name service setup: check for UNIX account info
3. Export-policy and rule setup
4. Network interface and routing group setup
10. Return to normal administrative mode.
*> set admin

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