clustermode recovery mroot

the backups are in /mroot/etc/backups/config

the rdb environment is in /mroot/etc/cluster_config/
I tarred the db's in /mroot/etc/cluster_config/tarred
on the surviving node, and copied that to a third location.
The db's were not restored by the backup and the directories
remain empty.
I copy the tar file from the third location to the cluster_config
directory and untarred. Reboot and node functions properly again.

1. on surviving node:
cd /mroot/etc/cluster_config/rdb
tar cf tarred .
scp tarred root@

2. on broken node:
boot system and login...
kp-01::system configuration*> backup show
Node Backup Tarball Time Size
--------- ----------------------------------------- ------------------ -----
kp-01 kp-01.daily.2013-04-06.00_10_00.7z 04/06 00:10:00 4.66MB
kp-01 kp-01.daily.2013-04-07.00_10_01.7z 04/07 00:10:01 4.18MB
kp-01 kp-02.daily.2013-04-06.00_10_00.7z 04/06 00:10:00 3.27MB
kp-01 kp-02.daily.2013-04-07.00_10_01.7z 04/07 00:10:01 3.21MB
kp-01 kp.8hour.2013-04-06.18_15_00.7z 04/06 18:15:00 7.35MB
kp-01 kp.8hour.2013-04-07.02_15_04.7z 04/07 02:15:04 7.68MB
kp-01 kp.8hour.2013-04-07.10_15_00.7z 04/07 10:15:00 7.97MB
kp-01 kp.daily.2013-04-05.00_10_00.7z 04/05 00:10:00 7.21MB
kp-01 kp.daily.2013-04-06.00_10_00.7z 04/06 00:10:00 8.11MB
kp-01 kp.daily.2013-04-07.00_10_01.7z 04/07 00:10:01 7.56MB
kp-01 kp.weekly.2013-03-11.10_08_12.7z 03/11 10:08:12 3.26MB
kp-01 kp.weekly.2013-03-17.00_15_00.7z 03/17 00:15:00 6.06MB
kp-01 kp.weekly.2013-04-07.00_15_06.7z 04/07 00:15:06 7.57MB

kp-01::system*> configuration recovery node restore -backup kp.8hour.2013-04-07.02_15_04.7z

3. on broken node
cd /mroot/etc/cluster_config/rdb
scp root@ .
tar xf tarred
sudo reboot

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