clustermode schedules

Any schedule can be used by any Vserver.

job schedule show
5min cron @:00,:05,:10,:15,:20,:25,:30,:35,:40,:45,:50,:55
8hour cron @2:15,10:15,18:15
interval Every 1h
cron @2:00
daily cron @0:10
hourly cron @:05
weekly cron Sun@0:15

volume snapshot policy show
default 3 true Default policy with hourly, daily & weekly schedules.
Schedule: hourly Count: 6 Prefix: hourly
daily 2 daily
weekly 2 weekly

none 0 false Policy for no automatic snapshots.
Schedule: - Count: - Prefix: -

create a schedule for every 30 minutes
job schedule interval create -name 30minutes -minutes 30
snapmirror modify -destination-path gr://grvsnfs1/vol2 -schedule 30minutes

create a snapshot policy that holds the 30minutes schedule
snapshot policy create -policy 30minpol -enable true -schedule 30minutes
vol modify -vserver grvsnfs1 -volume vol1 -snapshot-policy 30minpol
vol snapshot show -vserver grvsnfs1 -volume vol1

gr::> vol snapshot show -vserver grvsnfs1 -volume vol1
Vserver Volume Snapshot State Size Total% Used%
-------- ------- ------------------------------- -------- -------- ------ -----
grvsnfs1 vol1
hourly.2013-04-04_1205 valid 76KB 0% 34%
30minutes.2013-04-04_1501 valid 76KB 0% 34%
valid 76KB 0% 34%
3 entries were displayed.

Use custom prefix:
snap policy add-schedule -policy 30minpol -schedule 1minute -count 2 -prefix mine

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