cdot vifproblems

You may have a situation where an interface is configured in the RDB (VifMgr)
but no longer present in the local userinterface.

1. create a new interface
2. delete the userinterface entry
3. try to create it again (fails because it is in VifMgr)
4. view VifMgr entry
5. delete the VifMgr entry

net int create -vserver student2 -lif test2 -role data -data-protocol nfs,cifs,fcache -home-node cluster1-02 -home-port e0c -address -netmask -status-admin up

set diag; net int ids delete -owner student2 -name test2

net int create -vserver student2 -lif data1 -role data - data-protocol nfs,cifs,fcache -home-node cluster1-02 -home-port e0c - address -netmask -status-admin up
(network interface create)
Info: Failed to create virtual interface
Error: command failed: LIF "test2" with ID 1034 (on Vserver ID 6), IP address, is configured in the VIFMgr but is not visible in the user interface. Contact support personnel for further assistance.

debug smdb table vifmgr_virtual_interface show -role data
-fields lif-name,lif-id

debug smdb table vifmgr_virtual_interface delete -node cluster1-02 -lif-id lif_ID

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