a_sis MTVVGAF De-Dupe
nearstore_option ELNRLTG
cifs DZDACHD CIFS protocol
cluster JQIGWWF Clustering of simulators
cluster_remote N/A "Metrocluster" (cluster remote) does not work in the simulator
dafs N/A Not a shipping product
disk_sanitization PZKEAZL Disk sanitization
http NAZOMKC HTTP protocol
fcp N/A A license works but doesn't provide much functionality - use iSCSI




FlexCache license
flex_clone ANLEAZL FlexClone license
gateway_hitachi N/A No v-Series  functionality in the simulator
iscsi BSLRLTG iSCSI protocol
multistore NQBYFJJ MultiStore - multiple virtual Filers
nearstore_option N/A Currently unavailable in the simulator - is expected in a  later  version
nfs BQOEAZL NFS protocol
rapid_restore N/A Not a shipping product
smdomino RKBAFSN SnapManager for Domino*
smsql HNGEAZL SnapManager for SQL Server*
snaplock ZOJPPVM SnapLock WORM Compliance edition
snaplock_enterprise PTZZESN SnapLock WORM Enterprise edition
snapmanagerexchange BCJEAZL SnapManager for Exchange*
snapmirror DFVXFJJ SnapMirror between simulators
snapmirror_sync XJQIVFK Synchronous SnapMirror between simulators
snapmover N/A No back-end FCP support in the simulator
snaprestore DNDCBQH SnapRestore
snapvalidator JQAACHD Oracle SnapValidator license
sv_linux_pri ZYICXLC Open Systems SnapVault from Linux clients*
sv_ontap_pri PVOIVFK SnapVault "primary" (source filer)
sv_ontap_sec PDXMQMI SnapVault "secondary" (destination filer)
sv_unix_pri RQAYBFE Open Systems SnapVault from UNIX clients*
sv_windows_ofm_pri ZOFNMID Open Systems SnapVault Open File Manager for Windows*
sv_windows_pri ZOPRKAM Open Systems SnapVault from Windows clients*
syncmirror_local RIQTKCL SyncMirror (think RAID 4+1)
v-series N/A No v-Series functionality in the simulator
vld N/A Not a shipping product
snapmanager_hyperv COIRLTG SnapManager for HyperV


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