netapp 7-mode snapvault restore files from backuplun

1. filer1 is primary filer and has aggr aggr1.

2. filer2 is secondary filer and has aggr aggr1.

3. windows is connected with iSCSI to filer1 and filer2
the igroup on both filers is called wingroup.

4. create a sourcevolume,qtree,lun on filer1 and map the lun.
- vol create volsource aggr1 500m
- qtree create /vol/volsource/q1
- lun create -s 100m -t windows /vol/volsource/q1/l1
- lun map /vol/volsource/q1/l1 wingroup
(the lun should now be visible on windows after a
rescan of the disks)

5. create a destinationvolume on filer2.
- vol create voldest aggr1 500m

6. setup a snapvault snapshot schedule on filer1.
- snapvault snap sched volsource snap1 2@0-23

7. setup a snapvault snapshot schedule on filer2.
- snapvault snap sched -x voldest snap1 40@0-23

8. Start the snapvault relation from filer2.
- snapvault start -S filer1:/vol/volsource/q1 filer2:/vol/voldest/q1

9. View the snapshot on filer2.
- snap list voldest
filer2(4079432752)_voldest-base.0 (busy,snapvault)
(this is the snapshot to clone the lun from)

10. Clone the lun on filer2.
- lun clone create /vol/voldest/backlun -b /vol/voldest/q1/l1 filer2(4079432752)_voldest-base.0

11. Online the lun and map it to wingroup.
- lun online /vol/voldest/backlun
- lun map /vol/voldest/backlun wingroup

12. On windows, rescan disks and find the drive to restore files

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