netapp 7-mode upgrade simulator (exercise)

This is just an exercise for installing a second image on your simulator and boot
from it.

First the existing image is tarred and zipped and put on the root volume.
Then the update is done and after that you will have the same image twice.
I know it is not very useful but as I said, it is just an exercise.

1. Log in to the filer and unlock the diaguser.
login: root
password: *****
priv set advanced
useradmin diaguser unlock
useradmin diaguser password

login: diag
password: *****
sudo bash
cd /cfcard/x86_64/freebsd/image1
mkdir /mroot/etc/software
tar cvf /mroot/etc/software/8.tar .
gzip /mroot/etc/software/8.tar
cd /mroot/etc/software
gzip 8.tar
mv 8.tar.gz 8.tgz


(now you are back in the nodeshell)
software list
software update 8.tgz
software: You can cancel this operation by hitting Ctrl-C in the next 6 seconds.
software: Depending on system load, it may take many minutes
software: to complete this operation. Until it finishes, you will
software: not be able to use the console.
Software update started on node 7mode1. Updating image2 package: file://localhost/mroot/etc/software/82.tgz current image: image1
Listing package contents.
Decompressing package contents.
Invoking script (validation phase).
INSTALL running in check only mode
Mode of operation is UPDATE
Current image is image1
Alternate image is image2


Note: I also tried to run software update 82.tgz (a file I created from a running 8.2.1 simulator).
The update failed. Then I unzipped the 82.tgz and untarred it to the image2 directory. I booted
from the image2/kernel. Panic... Needs more work.

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