netapp altavault -> AWS quick and dirty

Download Ontap 9 Command-line by Example (

1. deploy altavault ova.
2. add vmdk for local storage
3. power on

4. login with ssh admin/password
- set new password and configure networking

5. browser login
- storage optimization service is critical because of no AWS connection

6. cloud settings
- region
- access key (get from AWS)
- secret key (get from AWS)
- bucket name (get from AWS)
!!! bucket should be empty
- restart storage service

7. configure nfs
- add share and client access

8. configure snapmirror
- enable
- restart storage service
- add whitelist -> should contain an intercluster ip

9. on ontap
- create svm with lif
- setup snapshot policy with label
- setup snapmirror policy with label
- create relationship and initialize

10. Reports
view front-end and back-end traffic.

Ontap_volume -> altavault_nfs_volume -> AWS_bucket

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