netapp autosize parameters

Volume size < 20GB trigger point is 85%


Volume size 20-100GB trigger point 90%


Volume size 100-500GB trigger point 92%


Volume size 500GB -1TB trigger point 95%


Volume size > 1TB trigger point 98%


If you want to tweak these, there are flags in ONTAP that are setable.



wafl_reclaim_threshold_t: tiny vols < 20gb

threshold = 85%


wafl_reclaim_threshold_s: small vols from 20gb to < 100gb

threshold = 90%


wafl_reclaim_threshold_m: medium vols from 100gb to < 500gb

threshold = 92%


wafl_reclaim_threshold_l: large vols from 500gb to < 1tb

threshold = 95%


wafl_reclaim_threshold_ xl: xlarge vols from 1tb up

threshold = 98%


priv set -q diag; setflag wafl_reclaim_threshold_<x> 90; priv set;

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