ontap 9 list all api calls

To list the api calls you can use to manage/monitor
ontap 9, you can either use a clustershell command (1)
or you can run a query using Netapp SDK. (2)
In the second case you will have to enable http
on the clusternodes

cl1::*> system services web modify -http-enabled true

cl1::*> security login role show-ontapi
ONTAPI Command
aggr-add storage aggregate add-disks
aggr-create storage aggregate create
aggr-destroy storage aggregate delete
aggr-get-filer-info storage aggregate show
aggr-get-iter storage aggregate show
aggr-mirror storage aggregate mirror
aggr-offline storage aggregate offline

In this example I use the perl script
that comes with the samples when
you download netapp-manageability-sdk-5.4P1.zip

[linux] ./apitest.pl cl1 admin adminpassword system-api-list






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