solaris 11 custom zone install

Adding Additional Packages in a Zone by Using a Custom AI Manifest

The process of adding extra software in a zone at installation can be automated by revising the AI manifest. The specified packages and the packages on which they depend will be installed. The default list of packages is obtained from the AI manifest. The default AI manifest is/usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml. See Adding and Updating Software in Oracle Solaris 11.2 for information on locating and working with packages.

Example 9-1  Revising the Manifest

The following procedure adds mercurial and a full installation of the vim editor to a configured zone named my-zone. (Note that only the minimalvim-core that is part of solaris-small-server is installed by default.)

  1. Copy the default AI manifest to the location where you will edit the file, and make the file writable.
    # cp /usr/share/auto_install/manifest/zone_default.xml ~/my-zone-ai.xml
    # chmod 644 ~/my-zone-ai.xml
  2. Edit the file, adding the mercurial and vim packages to the software_data section as follows:
          <software_data action="install">
  3. Install the zone.
    # zoneadm -z my-zone install -m ~/my-zone-ai.xml
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