solaris cluster 3.2 zonefailover

1. Create diskgroup and volume
2. Register the diskgroup
3. Create filesystem
4. vfstab
5. Test
6. Create zone
7. Test
8. Install ResourceTypes and register
9. Create RG to hold the zone, and zone

1. Create a diskgroup and a volume for clzone

node1 # /etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -i
node1 # /etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -i
node1 # vxdg init clzonedg
node1 # vxassist -g clzonedg make zonevol 300m layout=mirror

2. Register the diskgroup and sync the volume

node1 # cldg create -t vxvm -n node1,node2 -p failback=false clzonedg

3. Create filesystem and mountpoint

node1 # newfs /dev/vx/rdsk/clzonedg/zonevol
node1 # mkdir /clzone; chmod 700 /clzone
node2 # mkdir /clzone; chmod 700 /clzone

4. Prepare vfstab on both nodes, by adding an entry for mounting the filesystems.
Mount at boot: no
Mountoptions : -

5. Test the devicegroup by switching between nodes.
node1 # cldg switch -n node2 clzonedg
node1 # mount /clzone
node1 # df -h
node1 # umount /clzone
node1 # cldg switch -n node1 clzonedg
node2 # mount /clzone
node2 # df -h

6. Create the zone on node2 (this is where the filesystem is at the moment)
node2 # zonecfg -z clzone
zonecfg:clzone> create
zonecfg:clzone> set zonepath=/clzone
zonecfg:clzone> add net
zonecfg:clzone:net> set physical=
zonecfg:clzone:net> set address=
zonecfg:clzone:net> end
zonecfg:clzone> commit
zonecfg:clzone> exit

node2 # zoneadm -z clzone install
node2 # zlogin -C clzone
(answer the questions. this will sysid your zone...)

7. Halt the zone and start it on the other node.
Copy /etc/zones/index to the other node (mind you! the index contains all the zones
so make sure that you do not overwrite other zones.)
Copy /etc/zones/clzone.xml to the other node

node2 # zoneadm -z clzone halt
node2 # umount /clzone
node2 # cldg switch -n node1 clzonedg
node1 # mount /clzone
node1 # zoneadm -z clzone boot
node1 # zoneadm list -cv

8. Install Resourcetypes SUNW.gds and SUNW.sczones

node1 and node2: go the the dataservices directory and install the packages.
register the SUNW.gds resourcetype.

node1 # clrt register SUNW.gds

9. create resource group and add resource for storage.
clrg create zonerg
clrs create -g zonerg -t HAStoragePlus -p FilesystemMountpoints=/clzone zonestor

10. node1 # mkdir /etc/zoneagentparams
node2 # mkdir /etc/zoneagentparams

go to /opt/SUNWsczone/sczbt/util on node1
and edit sczbt_config



11. Create the zone resource and copy the param-file

node1 # clrg manage zonerg
node1 # clrg online zonerg

node1 # ./sczbt_register
node1 # scp /etc/zoneagentparams/sczbt_clzone-rs \

12. Enable the zone resource.

clrs enable clzone-rs

13. Test the configuration

clrg offline zonerg
clrg online zonerg
clrg switch ........ etcetera

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