cdot 8.3 domaintunnel


## clustermode domain-tunnel ##

# To have the administrator of the AD domain login to the administration vserver and manage the cluster, create a domain-tunnel.
# The name of the admin-vserver:

security login create -user-or-group-name netapp\administrator -application ssh -authmethod domain -role admin

# create a vserver with vserver setup

vservername: domain_tunnel_01
Vserver Type: data
Allowed Protocols: cifs
domainname: netapp.local
cifs servername: domain_tun_01
active directory domain: netapp.local
ad adminname: administrator
ad adminpassword: *******

vserver create -vserver -subtype default -rootvolume -aggregate -rootvolume-security-style mixed

# Create a network interface for the vserver for ouside communication
network interface create -vserver -lif -role data -data-protocol cifs -home-node -home-port -address -netmask -status-admin up

# Configure DNS configuration
dns create -domains -vserver -name-servers -state enabled

# Create a CIFS share
cifs create -vserver -cifs-server -domain -status-admin up

# Create the Domain-Tunnel
security login domain-tunnel create

# Testing the configuration
On windows in cmd-tool: plink netapp\administrator@

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