cdot simulator new root aggregate

Situation Simulator.

Cluster: cl1
Node1 : cl1-01
Node2 : cl1-02

cl1::*> set d
cl1::*> cluster show
Node Health Eligibility Epsilon
-------------------- ------- ------------ ------------
cl1-01 true true true
cl1-02 true true false
2 entries were displayed.

Node1 (cl1-01) is ok and has epsilon.
Node2 (cl1-02) will get new root aggregate.

1. create a new rootaggr:
cl1::> set d
cl1::*> aggr create newroot -diskcount 3 -force-small-aggregate true \
-nodes cl1-02

cl1::*> reboot -node cl1-02 -inhibit-takeover true

Make the "newroot" aggr the new rootaggregate.
2. Enter the BootMenu, choose option 5 (maintenance).
*> aggr options newroot ha_policy cfo
*> aggr options newroot root
*> halt
Press enter to start the vm again.

Resize the new rootvolume AUTOROOT (the actual size now is 25MB)
3. Login.
cl1::> node run -node cl1-02
cl1-02> vol size AUTOROOT +500m
cl1-02> exit
cl1-02::> halt -node cl1-02

4. Reset the recovery flag at the loader prompt and boot the node.
VLOADER*> unsetenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery
VLOADER*> boot_ontap

5. Add the AUTOROOT volume to VLDB
cl1::debug vreport*> volume add-other-volume -node cl1-02
cl1::debug vreport*> volume add-other-volume -node cl1-01

6. Remove the old rootvolume and rootaggregate
cl1::*> node run -node cl1-02
cl1-02> vol offline vol0
cl1-02> vol destroy vol0
cl1-02> exit
cl1-02*> aggr delete -aggregate aggr0_n2

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