clustermode add vserver manually

-all specified fields are mandatory-
1. create vserver
vserver create vsnew -rootvolume vsnew_root -aggr n01_agg1 -ns-switch file -rootvolume-security-style unix

2. add datavolume
vol create -vserver vsnew -volume vol1 -aggr n01_aggr1 -size 500m

3. create a new exportpolicy for this vserver
vserver export-policy create newpol -vserver vsnew

4. vserver export-policy rule create -vserver vsnew -policyname newpol -clientmatch any -ruleindex 1 -superuser any -rorule any -rwrule any

5. mount the datavolume
mount -vserver vsnew -volume vol1 -junction-path /vol1

6. create the lif
network interface create -vserver vsnew -lif vsnewlif -role data -data-protocol nfs -address -netmask -home-node cl1-01 -home-port e0c

7. create nfs entry for vserver and start it
nfs create -vserver vsnew
nfs start -vserver vsnew

8. mount it from a nfs client.


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