clustermode remove vserver

unmount all datavols:
vol unmount -vserver vs1 vol1

stop the vserver:
vserver stop vs1

offline all datavols and the rootvol:
vol offline -vserver vs1 vol1
vol offline -vserver vs1 rootvol
vol delete -vserver vs1 vol1
vol delete -vserver vs1 rootvol

if portsets and igroups exist delete them:
lun igroup delete -vserver vs1 igroup1
lun portset delete -vserver vs1 portset1

if snapmirrors exist delete them:
snapmirror delete -source-path cl1://vs1/vs1_dp_vol

if a cifsserver is configured delete it:
cifs server delete -vserver vs1

finally delete the vserver:
vserver delete vs1

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