clustermode snapdrive

In clustermode you need a management lif next to
the datalifs for the iSCSI protocol on a per vserver
The management lif needs a user to allow snapdrive to manage your

My clustername : cluster
My Vservername : vsi
Vserver adminaccount : vsadmin

cluster::> security login password -username vsadmin -vserver vsi

cluster::> security login unlock -username vsadmin -vserver vsi

cluster::> network interface create -vserver vsi -lif vsi_mgmt -firewall-policy mgmt -address -netmask -role data -data-protocol none -home-node cluster-node1 -home-port e0d

Note: When creating a lif for the vserver, the firewall policy should be set to management.

Note: Set the snapdrive transport protocol settings (on the snapdrive host),
choose protocol “http” and specify “vsadmin” as the administration user.

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