clustermode users ndmp

security login show

(shows users per vserver username application authmethod role name acct-locked)


security login role show

(shows roles per vserver rolename commanddirectory access-level)


step by step:

(on a per node basis)

security login role create -role ndmp -cmddirname ndmp

security login create -username <username> -application ssh -authmethod password -role ndmp


nmpd modify -node <node -enable true -clear-text true -user-id ndmp


If you use ndmp, the lif should be on the same node as the aggregate!


from a third machine:

ndmpcopy -sa ndmp:netapp1234 -da ndmp:netapp1234 <ip>:/vservername/volume <ip>:/vservername/volume


security login password -username ndmp


if the application is console, the user can login from the console

if the application is ssh, the user can login from putty


security login create -username testuser -application ssh -authmethod password -role ndmp

security login create -username testuser -application console -authmethod password -role ndmp

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