clustermode dr

there is NO SNAPVAULT!

NO qtree snapmirror and NO synchronous Snapmirror


snapmirror for load sharing or dataprotection are done via the cluster-network

volume snapshot promote

snapmirror restore OR snapmirror promote


there still is a snapmirror break command.


snapmirror promote changes the read-only copy into a readwrite

and destroys the original if it still exist.


snapmirror restore is the same as resync




snaprestore only works for the entire volume???????

(nog uitzoeken)




loadsharing can only done between nodes in the same

cluster. Only used in NAS environments.


maximum loadsharing snapmirrors 24 (per volume)

maximum dr snapmirrors 4 (per volume)


For reading, the load sharing mirror is used, and not the

read-write mirror. This means that all reading traverses

the cluster interconnect network. (ooooohhhhh...)

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